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5 second of summer

Every week, we pick one special artist or band to celebrate. We celebrate their music, particularly their latest hits which play out ON-AIR and of course, we celebrate them as artists. Hence, our segment is known as ‘The Artist of the Week’.

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For this week, it’s the Australian boy band, 5 Seconds of Summer. The boys, Callum, Ashton, Luke and Michael made their breakthrough in the music scene with their 2014 track, ‘She Looks So Perfect’. This tune went on to top charts across the globe. But the boys have come a long way since then. Their music has grown and evolved over the years and that’s clearly visible in their latest album, ‘CALM’. 

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5 Seconds of Summer & Their Latest Album, ‘CALM’

The songs on this album have made a huge departure from their previous numbers. With this project, it seems like that band has moved more towards the Punk-Rock genre, rather than stagnating with their sweet bubblegum Pop tunes. This time around, their songs explore darker territory – both in terms of style and concept. The boys have delved into the anxieties that come with youth and growing up, along with navigating love and how that can affect a person. Their work showcases a much more grown-up, mature side to the boys which is only naturally after quite a few years in the industry. 

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With this album, 5 Seconds of Summer have also managed to score some great collabs from the likes of Charlie Puth and the Chainsmokers. Now, the band plans to embark on their world tour titled, ‘The No Shame Tour’. They were initially planning to kick off their tour in the latter half of 2020, but due to the global coronavirus pandemic, it’s highly possible that they’ll have to reschedule a lot of their dates. 

Anyway, for now, we can revel in all the great music they’ve given us over the past few years as they settle into their spot as our artist of the week. 

By: Nina Karun