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Bieber’s Sick, It’s Bad

Justin Bieber just revealed some shocking information about his health, and we are shooketh.

The Biebs is on a high of sorts, with the release of his single “Yummy” skyrocketing to the top of the charts this past week. The singer also released the trailer of his 10-part docu-series which will be available on YouTube soon. The series promises to show a side of Justin the world hasn;t seen before, offering an exclusive look at his personal life, his struggles and the past few years post-Bieber drama.

Well, now, a new tidbit of information related to the documentary has been released – a look at how Justin dealt with his diagnosis of Lyme disease. Turns out, while the Internet was out there making fun of Justin’s weight loss, his skin, calling him a meth head and much worse, the singer was battling a two-year long fight with Lyme disease – an autoimmune condition that has no cure. In addition, he was also fighting a severe attack of chronic mono.

Symptoms of the disease include things like fever, rashes, depression, low energy and more. Justin isn;t the first celebrity to bring attention to Lyme disease. Famous model family Yolanda Hadid and daughter Bella Hadid have been spokespeople for the disease after being diagnosed with it. It is contracted through tic-bites and can be life threatening without the proper treatment and care to control the symptoms.

Justin took to his Instagram to break the news and reveal that viewers of his docu-series would be privy to his journey with the life-changing diagnosis and treatment. Power to you, Bieber.

The docu-series titled “Seasons” is scheduled to release on January 25th, 2020.

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