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Kehlani surprised fans with an early Christmas gift by dropping her new collaboration with fellow Oakland native, Keyshia Cole. It’s a brand new song called ‘All Me’ and fans seem like they are all for it!

Calling the song’s rollout “accidental,” Kehlani decided to release it after fans made a snippet go viral using the hashtag #DropTheSongKehlani. This is a one of its kind release considering how artists are keeping the fans waiting to build excitement for their releases.

“I’ve never had a song hyped like this before it dropped,” she tweeted, following the massive reaction from fans. “I’ve never had this much energy for a musical release! This is so incredible. I just wanna say thank you, this is some really epic shit.” ‘All Me’ follows the February release of the pop star’s latest mixtape, ‘While We Wait’, as well as Kehlani lending her vocals to Zedd’s “Good Thing” back in September.

On the sparkling track, Kehlani continues her streak of ’90s-influenced R&B-pop grooves as she croons about her devotion to a lover. Kehlani and Cole’s cheery new tune isn’t a slow-churning, hold-your-partner close kind of ode, it’s more of a bouncy and energetic tune, owing to Kehlani’s R&B DNA. The R&B and Cole’s powerful voice has made this into a new lovey-dovey anthem that works for cheek-pinching spouses and drop-kicking potential home wreckers, alike. Feels like Valentine’s Day has come early, all thanks to Kehlani and Cole!

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