Jennifer Lopez vs. Jimmy Fallon: The Ultimate Tik Tok Battle

jennifer lopez

Here’s what you don’t do. You don’t challenge Jennifer Lopez to a dance battle and come out alive. But it looks like Jimmy Fallon is a brave man. On his latest episode of the at-home Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon competed against Miss Lopez in a Tik Tok dance challenge.

So, here’s how it all went down. For starters, the game was actually quite tricky: the pair were shown clips of Tik Tok dances that they’ve never seen before and they just had to recreate it. But here’s the catch, they were only allowed to watch the clip once.

As expected, J-Lo won. After seeing her performance at this year’s Superbowl show, it’s really no surprise, the woman can do just about anything.

J Lo and Life in Quarantine

After Jimmy Fallon recovered from that crippling defeat, the pair went on to chat about life in quarantine during this global coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been making the best of it. There’s been some really scary, anxiety-filled time. You know, uncertainty. All of that. But I’m also realizing a lot of things,” Lopez said.

“I’m realizing, you know what? I didn’t call my mom every day. I need to call her every day, even when this is over, because I’ve been speaking to her every single day … We don’t connect like that all the time. Now we’re connecting all the time.” Well, she has a point there. The one thing time in quarantine has ensured is keeping in touch with people, even if you’re really bad at doing so.

Apart from that, Jennifer Lopez also gushed about meeting Barbara Streisand and how she’s always been her biggest role model. The star even talked about Tik Tok, and how obsessed her kids are over this app. And that’s just the highlights, for a proper look at her full conversation with Jimmy Fallon, go ahead and watch on.

By: Nina Karun