Lizzo Claps Back Without Losing Class

TikTok you gone and done messed with the wrong pop star. The viral app recently decided to take down a series of Lizzo’s videos that she has shot in various bathing suits. We see her dancing, singing, twerking in the videos. But TikTok decided that they went against their community guidelines so the videos were taken down.

Lizzo, as expected, took on TikTok to deliver the diss of the century. While repeatedly saying “I know”, which is a viral trend on the app started by a user called Erin McMillen, she uses captions to say the following:

“TikTok keeps taking down my videos with me in my bathing suits”

“But allows other videos with girls in bathing suits.”

“I wonder why?”

All the while lip-syncing to the viral trend of saying “I know” over and over again which leads us to believe that maybe, she knows.

“TikTok…we need to talk,” is how she ended the video. We are holding our breath to see how TikTok responds because this could either get very interesting or very nasty. Either way, we are here for you Lizzo — through and through.