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Miley and Ronson are Together Again?

Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson are preparing to release new music. And honestly the “Uptown Funk” hitmaker seems extraordinarily pumped up for it. He tweeted “Very psyched for you all to hear this one, whenever mama says it’s OK,” he wrote.

The tweet was accompanied by a grainy, VHS-like 17-second video of Cyrus in red pants and a blue “I Am Here” crop top while the message “new era starts now” played out on the screen. This footage was initially featured in her “10 second rewind of the decade” post. Coincidence? We think not.

Ronson seems like a lil’ child getting impatient to eat ice cream while waiting for the clear by Miley Cyrus, who has undergone a complete makeover complete with a banging mullet hairstyle! Which kinda gives us Billy Cyrus vibes. She tweeted “New year, new hair, NEW MUSIC” with a picture of her new haircut.

The producer first teamed up with Cyrus on the 2018 smash hit “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”, which is also featured on his album “Late Night Feelings”. After its release, the pair performed together at various live events throughout last year. Mark made it clear that this is going to be very different from the down trodden bops that appeared on his previous albums.

In the meantime, Miley Cyrus has settled a lawsuit claiming that she plagiarized a reggae song for her hit single “We Can’t Stop”. Jamaican songwriter Michael May, who originally sued Cyrus for $ 300 million in 2018, claimed the song violated his 1988 single “We Run Things”.

Ronson has some strong feelings about the upcoming track, Tweeting saying “if 2019 was for the heart broken then 2020 is for the heart breakers!”

They be servin us the year of self love and empowerment! Let’s not get pushed and prodded around this year. Until then we’ll wait for mama to say yes.

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