Paul McCartney drops ‘Home Tonight’ and ‘In a Hurry’

The 18th time Grammy Winner, Paul McCartney, just dropped two songs “Home Tonight” and “In a Hurry”.

The songs were recorded during the Greg Session for his album ‘Egyptian Station’ which will be released on Nov 29th as a double A side 7 inch disc single.

The legendary singer and musician rose to fame from the 1960’s popular rock band’ “The Beatles” and later split from the band and formed a different one named, “Wings,” with his first wife,Linda, and Dennis Lane.  

The former co- lead vocalist and bassist of The Beatles later trailed his solo career and tour as a solo artist from from 1989 onwards. His song,” Silly Love Songs”, ruled the weekly chart  for five non-consecutive weeks and “ Say Say Say”, one his famous collaborations with Michael Jackson claimed the No 1 spot for six weeks! Oh and let’s not forget his other hits like Hey Jude, Listen to What the Man said, and many more.
“Home Tonight” and “In a Hurry” are upbeat, peppy songs which somewhat reminisce the 1960’s ballad style.

Whenever it comes to dropping new music, it truly looks like Paul can never disappoint!