Post Malone’s Acting Now?

Post Malone is all set to play the bad boy in Mark Wahlberg’s latest Netflix exploit “Spenser Confidential”.

Post Malone makes his film debut as Wahlberg’s rival in prison. While his role seems brief, Malone delivers gritty lines like “You’re about to walk barefoot through the gates of hell,” with the conviction and screen presence of a seasoned actor. This film marks Malone’s first acting role excluding his voice over cameo in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

The rest of the trailer focuses on Wahlberg’s character, who plays Boston-based detective Spenser, just out of prison with plans to leave Boston behind for good, until he is sucked back into his old life as he attempts to investigate the unsolved murder of two Boston Police officers. On this arduous journey with his roommate, played by the Black Panther star Winston Duke, Spenser faces off against dirty cops, mighty politicians and a web of corruption, while also crashing a few cars on the way.

The Netflix film is an action-comedy directed by Peter Berg. Wahlberg and Berg have previously worked together on films like “Lone Survivor”, “Patriots Day” and “Mile 22”. “Spenser Confidential” hits a screen near you on the 6th of March.