Smith’s New Track is To Die For

Sam Smith has premiered a brand new track along with the official music video and it is “to die for”… no, literally.

The track was teased earlier this week, with posts spanning across social media and a teaser film being released shortly after. Smith has been dropping singles, and features in the midst of their break from releasing a full-length album. Their last big hit “How Do You Sleep” took over charts worldwide, and hanging on strong, even now.

And while that song was a pop-synth anthem about demanding your worth, this one sees Smith diving straight into longing for love.

The singer is known for the ability to create a heart-wrenching ballad, and “To Die For” falls comfortably into that box. Smith talks about wanting someone to die for, not wanting to be afraid of love and hoping for all the little joys that come with being in a relationship.

Now, some might say the track is in fact quite anti-climactic, arriving on Valentine’s Day and all. But, in its essence, all it is, is a call for love. And what is more romantic than that?

The video takes on an interesting form, with surprising elements from Smith – a genderless, formless mannequin head in a window shop. Directed by Grant Singer, the visual project adds layers of melancholy to the song, in ways we haven’t seen before from the singer.

Watch the video now!