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So, What Happened Inside That Lift?

Anton Tammi has brought to this world a side of the Weeknd, we’ve been holding our hearts for. This eerie clip with shocking depth seems to bring a story line that is all pegged to the release of the “After Hours” set to be out on March 20th. The fans have a lot to say about this film, of course, because it doesn’t quite leave the viewer with any closure. Which leads us to throw wild guesses at the current psyche of The Weeknd, his intentions with this film and the upcoming album. Everyone is basically taking a stab at how this film should make us feel.

So here are the 3 fan theories we are putting a spotlight on (and wondering if we really know Abel at all?).

A YouTube fan with the handle “Thanos” has this to say:

“Idk why, but I have a feeling the glasses play a part in his “fucked up reality”. Notice how throughout the video Abel is displayed as alone, sad, and hurt. But once he puts the glasses on, everything rapidly changes and he seemingly loses all emotion and pain he previously had. Back to being “Heartless”.” Wow, good spot, Thanos! We are absolutely here for using motifs to represent a change in his outlook. Though it’s an easier brush stroke to make everything come together neatly, isn’t it? And as for all we know about Abel, he’s not going to make it this easy for us, is he?

Another fan with the handle “Frances Elia” who amassed 378 likes on their comment had this to say:

“This is a metaphor showing trilogy Abel never left, despite him going mainstream.” A film laden with metaphors, from his physical scars, to the glasses, to the couple entering the lift in the very last scene sequel — there is no doubt that Abel is speaking to us in signs. But, does it really mean that Abel never left The Weeknd? We’re guessing only the album will tell.

Finally, a subscriber with the handle “lack of subscribers” had this to say:

“heartless: lets get drunk

blinding lights: I”m drunk, I’m fucked up, and high too

after hours: remorse and hangover ……….” which to us is the most logical theory here. We see a sequel of habits and substance abuse, which in turn creates this persona who is doing all he can to cope. And the sequel of events that unfold in the Ed Sullivan Theatre after The Weeknd appears on stage with Jimmy Kimmel is nothing more than a man trying to cope.

Phew, that got real heavy real quick. But that’s what we’re here for aren’t we?

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