SUGA Casts a Dark Shadow

BTS’ new era has officially begun, and what a way to start too. 

The group’s rapper SUGA, also known as Min Yoongi, opened the “Map of the Soul: 7” era with the comeback trailer – a song called “Interlude: Shadow”. The high-energy track is an audio visual treat, dealing with some serious themes like loneliness, the downfalls of fame and the chaos caused by living in a world of celebrity. 

ARMY worldwide are obviously losing their minds, both because of the excitement of new music from the group but also all the new theories that present themselves in the music video. The BTS universe has always been a complex, interwoven string of theories and stories, detailing different themes from destruction, to self-love and acceptance, to introspection. 

The track has broken the record for the most views of a comeback trailer from the group in 24 hours, raking in 12.6 million views in 24 hours. It amassed the most number of likes in half an hour too, taking up close to 8 spots on the worldwide trends on Twitter upon release. 

SUGA has always talked openly and seriously about mental health, using his music and lyrics to express his own experiences with depression and anxiety as well as show support for those currently dealing with the same. It seems almost fitting then that he be the one to open up the conversation about the serious consequences and repercussions fame and celebrity can have on one’s life, and sense of self. A lyric that has become a fan-favourite is “I’m afraid. It’s scary, flying high. Nobody told me how lonely it is up here.” 

BTS have experienced a meteoric rise to fame in the past three years; with all the exposure, comes a lot of crazy experiences – invasion of privacy and an unending scrutiny of one’s actions. The group have had a lot of slightly terrifying experiences with stalkers and fans at airports and hotels, something their core fans condemn with vigour. Many believe that SUGA, with his no-nonsense attitude, used this video to make a statement about the same. 

Signs and theories aside, the track is a well-produced, skillfully written piece that boasts his versatility as a rapper and cuts to the chase, leaving the listener no choice but to dive straight into their feelings. 

“Map of the Soul: 7” is set for release on 21st February, 2020.