What Do Drake & Insta Captions Have In Common?

Drake’s made his entrance with not one but two new songs, and a video too! His first track, titled “When To Say When”, sees Drake crooning “I got all these blessings, just to give it to others anyway/ Know what I’m sayin’?” and we’re like yes, sir — we do and so does every other teenager with an Instagram account and in dearth of words to ride the humble train.

All jokes aside, the man is back with some real soul soup and some Chicago pizzaz too. And he’s wasting no time reminding us of his Billboard glory when he reigned for 500 weeks on the Billboard Top 100 with the lyrics: “Five hundred weeks, I fill the charts with my pain.” So, it comes as no surprise to anyone that he is back at it again.

The “When To Say When” music video is fused with his next new single “Chicago Freestyle”. Now, it looks like, Drake’s found an effective way of literally killing two birds with one stone, the only difference being “When To Say When” is set in New York while “Chicago Freestyle” starts at dusk in Toronto.

Filled with references and a heartfelt gratitude for Chicago, the new single basically sounds like a well-rounded homage to Eminem’s “Superman”. And, interestingly enough, Drake takes an alternative look at Eminem’s dismissive manner of the women in his life and puts it in the light of someone who is done with short term things and is looking to settle down. “Problem is, I meet a girl tonight/ Then I go and treat her too nice/ Galleria credit card swipes/ I don’t even know if she a wife.”

As always, we had Drake pegged and he just dropped in this morning to let us know how little we know.