K-Pop Kulture Ep. 4, K-Pop & Cultural Appropriation: A Saga

K-Pop is so much more than just music in another language. The billion-dollar entertainment industry is known for its production, unique style and comprehensive performance. And, while it has gathered quite the fan following in the past decade or so, it has its fair share of confused observers.

Well, lucky for you, IndigoMusic.com’s ‘K-Pop Kulture’ is here to help you stay clued in to this global phenomenon. From new releases and drama to all the nuances and complexities that make K-Pop, we’re here to break it down. So, all you need to do is stay attentive and try not to drool over all these vibrant stars.

In our fourth edition of K-Pop Kulture, we’re diving headfirst into some rather sticky territory.

While K-Pop is often surrounded by much fanfare and excitement, that hasn’t made it immune to a few missteps here and there. Somewhere in the middle of the current socio-political climate and outspoken voices on social media, some members of the K-Pop fraternity have found themselves real guilty of cultural appropriation. And this time, the culprits are some of the biggest names out there: BLACKPINK, BIGBANG and GI-DLE. So, if you want the full scoop on what went down, you’ll have to watch on.