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RJ Rohit caught up with Indie artist, Atteev about his new EP ‘Look How Far We’ve Come’ and the inspiration behind his music!

Atteev is a musician who aims at creating a safe space through his music in order to encourage his audience to explore the hidden versions of themselves. He has lived in both Mumbai and New York, which lends his music a sense of futuristic production style. His style ranges from Emotional Rock and Industrial Punk to House Euphoria and Indian Classical. Ateev’s music explores the spectrum of human experience from anxiety-inducing to heartwarming, wherein he encompasses subtle messages through metaphorical lyricism that acts as the mirror to his music.

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He considers Jon Bellion, Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, Bazzi, Ritviz and Zaeden among many others to be his inspirations in music. He initially started songwriting on his phone & laptop with the hope of releasing his music for everyone to hear one day. However, the world was then hit by the pandemic. Despite that, he continued to persevere with his artistic capabilities and rose above it. He laid the foundations for his career by using the pandemic as a headstart to hone and excel in his skills instead of giving up. He released his first EP, ‘Fragments of My Former Self’ in 2020, after which he released 12 songs in the span of 6 months. He released a few Hindi songs including ‘Tu Hi Hai’ and ‘Fitoor’ in the following year. Now, he has released his latest EP ‘Look How Far We’ve Come’, which focuses on his musical journey.

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RJ Rohit had a chat with Indie artist, Atteev about his new EP ‘Look How Far We’ve Come’, his music and so much more! Check it out!

– Riya Sohini

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