Rishbh Tiwari

RJ Rohit caught up with Indie artist Rishbh Tiwari about his musical journey and his new track ‘Fantasy’!

Rishbh Tiwari, often known as ‘Acoustic Rishbh,’ is a singer-songwriter based in Mumbai. He has shared the stage with several renowned performers at a number of prominent occasions and is known for writing and singing several radio ads and jingles. His song ‘Aankhon Ke Darmiyan’ was chosen in the ‘World Music’ category of the 2019 International Songwriting Competition, which was evaluated by Coldplay, Dua Lipa and other notable international pop artists. 

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He has a soulful voice and is a mellifluous and versatile vocalist. He has a keen interest in Urdu poetry, which is evident in the songs he writes. His latest single ‘Fantasy’ is a great example of how his lyrics are soulful and poetic, which is why so many people can relate to it. 

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RJ Rohit had a chat with Indie artist Rishbh Tiwari about his musical journey, new track ‘Fantasy’ and so much more. Check it out!

– Riya Sohini