Xperience Sessions With Why Don’t We

Xperience Sessions with Why Don't We

Pop music has been home to some of the biggest boy bands in the world, over the past few years. And, occupying a cozy spot on that roster are rising stars and pop music aficionados in their own right – Why Don’t We.

The 5 member band from Los Angeles has made massive waves in the pop music scene, releasing multiple successful singles, adding impressive records to their discography and selling out shows world over. And, now, they’re ready to surf their biggest wave yet – a brand new studio album that is on its way.

On the heels of their latest single – ‘Fallin” – Why Don’t We caught up with RJ Neerja on XPerience Sessions. From the making of their album and music in the times of COVID-19, this conversation covered it all.

Now, Why Don’t We aren’t your typical boy band. Their discography may be brimming with a pop sound. But, the thoughts that pepper the tracks are often evocative and disarming. And, when asked about what they hope to do with their music, they gave an apt response. “We hope it can help them with whatever they’re going through in life,” they said. They continued, “Some comfort, a distraction, whatever it is.”

Complete with a fun rapid fire round, and a whole lot of insight into their group, Why Don’t We dishes it all in this conversation. So, watch on and stack up.

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By: Ahalya Narayanan