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Xperience Sessions: In Conversation with Nothing Anonymous

In our latest edition of Xperience Sessions, we rolled out the red carpet for the electro-pop duo, Nothing Anonymous. This two-man band comprises of vocalist, Ambika Nayak, and producer, Nirmit Shah.

Just last year, the duo carved out a niche space for themselves in the music landscape with the release of their debut five-track EP, “Here To Stay”. Filled to the brim with warped beats, dreamy synths and pretty vocals – their EP delivered on all grounds.

And just recently, Nothing Anonymous was once again thrust under the spotlight after the release of their latest track, ‘Waste Away’. And so, it became one of the many topics of conversation between RJ Neerja and the duo.

For starters, Nirmit and Ambika shed some light on how they settled on the name, ‘Nothing Anonymous’ and how they ended up joining forces for this project. Interestingly enough, the initials ‘NA’ also stand for their names, which is not what they planned but it happened anyway. After a bit of back and forth between them and their friends, the title ‘Nothing Anonymous’ was born.

RJ Neerja then went on to throw a bundle of tricky questions at them: What 3 items would Ambika have on her if she were stuck on a deserted island? What song best represents Nirmit? If Nirmit could set Ambika up on a celebrity blind date, who would he pick?

If you’re itching to hear their answers, then you better watch on! This Xperience Session promises an endless train of fun!

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