Xperience Sessions With Shilpa Natarajan

Settling comfortably on our Xperience Session throne this week is the bright star, Shilpa Natarajan. From her rise to fame, to her work with the Beef Sappad Trio to a buzzing round of rapid fire questions, Natarajan’s conversation with RJ Neerja is simply humming with life.

Now, for a brief history lesson on this rising star, Shilpa Natarajan initially worked with a Corporate Group based in Chennai. She only found time to dabble with her passion for music on the weekends, but soon, its calling became far too strong. Interestingly enough, when Natarajan was still finding her footing in the music scene, she started off by crafting tunes for films. She put out a number of tracks for Tamil films and serials before finally branching out and launching her solo career.

In 2017, Shilpa finally put out her debut EP, ‘Bubblewrap’. Her EP presented a lovely cocktail of genres like Indie pop, Indie-folk, tinges of carnatic and more, which was a brave feat for a newbie to the industry. In her conversation with RJ Neerja, the star shed light on the fact that ‘Bubblewrap’ was an entirely crowdfunded project. It nursed two tracks in Tamil while the other five were in English, and ultimately crowdfunding helped Natarajan pay the other musicians she worked alongside for this piece.

The young star also touched upon her work with the buzzing group, The Beef Sappad Trio. “When we first started it wasn’t planned like ‘ok this is what we’re going to do,’” the artist explained, “It just so happened that we started taking things from current affairs and writing parodies around them. After that, it was well received by the primary and secondary circles around us and they further encouraged us to write more songs.” And as they say, the rest is history.

As their conversation unfolded, Shilpa also dished out the TV show that always manages to make her cry, a piece of advice for amateur artists, the secret to good songwriting and more! So, if you want in on all her delightful answers to these wacky questions, well there’s only one thing left to do – watch on!