Xperience Sessions With Subhi

Standing tall under the Xperience Session spotlight this week is the incredibly talented singer-songwriter, Subhi. Perhaps what makes Subhi stand out as a musician is the fact that she’s able to blend two starkly different worlds together: American Pop and Hindi Folk. The product is a wonderfully vibrant cocktail, one that requires closer inspection and so, we just had to have the star onboard!

Now, to fill you in on her origin story, music played a big part in the artist’s childhood. Growing up, Subhi was exposed to both classical and folk music, which immediately piqued her interest, allowing her to start receiving formal training in Hindustani classical music, at the tender age of eight. Soon enough, she began penning down her own tracks in school, making way for the formation of her songwriting abilities.

Now, winding the clock forward, after finding her footing in the music scene, Sunhi went on to welcome home a string of sparkling accolades. Her music has made quite the splash on Spotify, while the star herself has taken the stage at various prestigious venues and festivals including SXSW Music Festival, The Kennedy Center, TEDx, Talks at Google and Facebook. In fact, just last year, Subhi was nominated as ‘Best Asian Entertainer 2019’ by the Chicago Music Awards.

But what is it about her music that resonates so strongly? On one hand, it’s without a doubt, her superior songwriting skills. This of course is coupled with a stunningly, dreamy vocals, that add a quaint charm to every track she touches.

But apart from all this, does the star have a musician she’s currently terribly obsessed with? What’s her go-to comfort food? For Subhi, what are important factors that make up a healthy relationship? If you want to get to know this rising star, just a little more intimately, then just watch on!