Xperience Sessions with Tejas Menon

On this riveting edition of Xperience Sessions, we’ve got the Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, Tejas Menon, on board! With a number of sparkling accolades under his belt and a steadily growing body of work, his talent certainly speaks for itself.

While finding his footing in the music scene, Tejas actually managed to score quite big with his early work. The 2014 EP, ‘Small Victories’ and 2017’s ‘Make It Happen’ both received major critical acclaim, even managing to top the Indian Pop Charts on iTunes. Interestingly, while some might club the star’s music under the umbrella of Pop, he is known to experiment with an array of different genres like electronic music, rock, funk, soul and more.

During an early interview with Rolling Stone India, Tejas did in fact touch upon his ability to adopt a spectrum of styles. “If a song needs an electronic element I’m going to put that in, if it requires a hard-core rock kind of thing I’m going to put some heavy guitars on that. I’m not going to be restricted to what I can do as a musician but mostly what the song requires,” he articulated.

But of course, there’s so many aspects to the star’s art that makes him one of the fastest risers in the Indie scene. For starters, he’s got a voice brimming with richness and character, and when you toss this in with vibrant themes and poignant songwriter – there’s no doubt that his music immediately makes you sit up and pay attention.

But that aside, what artist would Tejas Menon love to open for? What are three things he absolutely cannot do without? His conversation with RJ Neerja is simply brimming with gems. So, if you want to get to know this rising star just a tad bit more intimately, just watch on!