Xperience Sessions With Witt Lowry

In conversation with Witt Lowry

Finding their place on our ultimate musical roster of XPerience Sessions this week is rising star, Witt Lowry. The American rapper, musician and writer has been exploring the Western music world, slowly but surely, on his own time.

The 29 year old New Yorker has delivered consistently, for many years now. Spanning around 8 years now, he has worked on his music dedicatedly, inspiring many heartfelt and disarming releases. Be it the 2015 “Dreaming With Our Eyes Open”, or the 2019 “NEVERS ROADS” – Lowry and his music is ever-changing.

And, well, lucky for us, this week’s XPerience Sessions saw RJ Neerja in conversation with the up and comer. In a conversation spanning across all things professional and personal, one gets a glimpse into Lowry’s world of artistry. Kicking things off with the motivation behind his songwriting, Witt takes us into his songwriting process. From pain and angst to raw vulnerability, Witt Lowry explores it all. Take a look.

But, the nitty gritties of music and art aren’t all that we see from the star. The rapper-writer also divulges some fun stuff in a quick game of rapid fire. If you ever wondered what his perfect evening looked like, well, we’ve got the answers. Lastly, no conversation with a musician is complete without a little show. And, what better time to perform than in the midst of a pandemic, when fans and musicians are deprived of live music. So, hit play and watch on as Witt Lowry basks in the glory of music, laughter and everything in the middle.

By: Ahalya Narayanan