Amai Kuda et Les Bois

RJ Rohit caught up with Amai Kuda about her new track ‘Oshun’, its music video and more!

Amai Kuda et Les Bois are creatively trying to break boundaries and become, what they call, “a movement.” The band is led by Amai Kuda, who insists upon beginning their albums with the pouring of libations and the invocation of ancestors. The songs they create tend to have a spiritual side to it. The spiritual element is found in all their music, whether it is a soothing acoustic ballad, a dancing groove or an alt-rock hip-hop-infused political track. 

Image Courtesy: Spotify

Their work is genre-defying, which is why their debut album, ‘Sand from the Sea’ was named “one of the year’s most exciting discoveries” according to Canada’s foremost music journalist, Nicholas Jennings. Since then, the band has performed at venues like the Jane Mallett Theatre, Harbourfront and The Rivoli. They have also performed at festivals such as Luminato, Kultrun and Small World. The band has also won the Best Folk/Roots award and secured second place for the Best Song at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. 

Image Courtesy: Toronto Guardian

Amai Kuda believes that music is about healing above all. The band is a big believer of healing ourselves, our society and the earth. This can only happen if we listen to the voices that have been ignored and suppressed in the past. 

RJ Rohit had a chat with singer/ songwriter Amai Kuda about her new track ‘Oshun’, its music video and more. Check it out!

– Riya Sohini