Xperience Sessions With Artist Helena May

RJ Rohit had a chat with singer Helena May about her new single ‘Lifetime Supply’ and more. 

Helena May, the British-born music sensation, effortlessly bridges the vibes of London and Vienna, mesmerizing crowds with her killer vocals, infectious beats, and undeniable stage presence. Grooving at the intersection of poppy beats and disco funk, May’s music is all about those earworm choruses and her unmistakable voice that hooks you in every time.

Helena May performing
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Drawing from personal experiences, May infuses her music with relatable stories, making every release and live performance a genuine connection with her audience. Her musical journey kicked off back in the 90s and 00s, soaking in the sounds of icons like Incognito, The Brand New Heavies, and Joss Stone. It was Jamiroquai’s ‘A Funk Odyssey’ that lit the fire, solidifying her dream to become a singer.

Helena May performing
Image Courtesy: www.helenamaymusic.com

Helena’s talent has taken her to some of the biggest stages in the UK and beyond, earning her international acclaim. From sharing the spotlight with 70s UK Soul Legends Kokomo to fronting Jazz-Funk powerhouse Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, May has left her mark everywhere from the Royal Albert Hall to Ronnie Scott’s.

Helena May singer
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Her latest track, ‘Lifetime Supply’ dropped via Sheep Hill Records, invites listeners on a vibrant journey of self-empowerment. Penned by Helena May herself in collaboration with producer Fabian Wollner, the track encourages you to boldly embrace your true essence without holding back.

‘Lifetime Supply’ flaunts a sonic palette seamlessly blending pop, funk and soul vibes. Packed with infectious hooks and impactful lyrics, the song serves up a delectable fusion of soulful melodies and groovy beats.

Singer Helena May giving the low-down of her new track ‘Lifetime Supply’ and more at Xperience Sessions with RJ Rohit. Check out the interview below.