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Xperience Sessions With Artists DJ Manuel Riva And Eneli

RJ Rohit caught up with DJ Manuel Riva and Eneli about their new track ‘Strangers to Lovers’ and more.

Manuel Riva, the Romanian DJ rocketed to fame with his debut track ‘Mhm Mhm’ featuring Eneli, becoming a global house music phenomenon. ‘Mhm Mhm’ wasn’t just a hit – it climbed the Billboard Dance Club Chart like a boss, hitting the Top 20 and dominating Shazam charts across Eastern Europe.

Here’s what sets Manuel Riva apart: his production style is pure fire. Think mesmerizing vocals riding on deep house beats that ooze smooth, flirty vibes. It’s music that lets you lose yourself completely. He’s a master at weaving infectious melodies and hypnotic rhythms that’ll have you hooked after one listen. Basically, this guy’s tracks are instant earworms with serious dance floor cred.

Image Courtesy: Romanian Creative Week

Eneli’s a music powerhouse – singer, songwriter, and producer extraordinaire. Her love for music started when she was just four, belting out tunes with the church choir. With her family as her hype squad, she turned up the volume on her musical journey, training in Bucharest, dropping beats at festivals and competitions, and fronting not one, but two bands she formed back home.

Image Courtesy: YouTube

She recently collaborated with Manuel Riva on a new track ‘Strangers to Lovers’. He warps back to his signature subject: the universe. This time, an epic music video brought to life by cutting-edge AI elevates the experience.

‘Strangers to Lovers’ blasts off to a new level for these two Romanian artists. Not only is the song fire, but it also drops the curtain on their real-life BFF story. Building on Manuel Riva’s mind-blowing concept, MGM crafts a space odyssey for ‘Strangers to Lovers’. The video takes the song’s theme to infinity and beyond, telling the epic love story of two astronauts destined to find each other amongst the stars.

Check out the interview below.


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