RJ Rohit had a chat with music producer and DJ, BODMAS who recently dropped his new banger, ‘Desert Disco’.

Jai Singh Ranawat, who is from Udaipur, used to play those trance music on CDs while reviewing his math homework, when he was about 15 years old.

It made math his favourite subject, and when he decided to combine all his passions together, he not only became a math instructor but also an electronic music producer under the name ‘BODMAS’. He claims that creating music is like solving a puzzle or math problems.

BODMAS has been producing electronic music since 2010. His debut track, ‘Camel Culture’ was shared with the EDM duo, Krewella and producer, Yellow Claw who quickly gave it their seal of approval. Given that the drops and swerves used by BODMAS hit you like blows and have the power to turn dancefloors upside down, it’s easy to understand why.

Check out Afrojack’s and Krewella’s reaction to BODMAS’ ‘Camel Culture’ below!

BODMAS’ mother hails from Rajasthan. During one of his summer vacation visits there, he encountered folk singers and realized how important the traditional music of the region was, to him.

The producer claims to have created this electronic-folk fusion after four years of various electronic music experiments. He said that he wanted to highlight Rajasthan’s talented and unheard street singers and promote the culture in a new way. His goal is to revive the coolness of folk music by presenting it in a fresh way.

RJ Rohit had a conversation with Indie artist, BODMAS about his musical journey, inspiration behind his stage name and brand-new track, ‘Desert Disco’. Check it out below!