Xperience Sessions With Bruce C Stevenson

RJ Rohit had a chat with Bruce C. Stevenson, a talented artist who can captivate both the heart and the mind. 

‘Thanking Jupiter: The Return of Jet Swindle,’ his debut solo album, was a love letter to his two daughters, the environment and music itself. THE EP, which is currently being released, is a spinoff of the entire recording. Bruce, a veteran of the Bay Area band ‘The Alien Cowboys’, has succeeded in making ‘Thanking Jupiter’ a gift for all music lovers.

With tracks like Neil Young’s ‘Old Man,’ Randy California’s ‘Nature’s Way,’ and his own ‘Always Know Love,’ Bruce combines his intimate, personal vocal stylings with music and lyrics that evoke in the listener, a sense of bittersweet hope while also offering a possible picture of the future.

Thanks in large part to Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Bill Drescher, Bruce’s album ‘Thanking Jupiter’ now has Bruce’s distinct touch while also maintaining a more commercial drive and appeal.

Currently Bruce is introducing ‘Between Venus and Mars,’ a wonderful melodic voyage via ambient and therapeutic sounds. Bruce said, “’Between Venus and Mars’, is a song of possibilities, ever since my first thoughts about our earthly existence. I’ve been curious about our origin, the missing link and the unique position in our galaxy.” 

RJ Rohit had a conversation with Bruce C. Stevenson about his brand-new track, ‘Between Venus and Mars’ and much more. Check it out below!