Xperience Sessions With DJ Frizzie

RJ Rohit caught up with DJ Frizzie about her new track ‘Go Down Low’ and more. 

DJ Frizzie is a dynamic and versatile female DJ making a significant impact on the London DJ scene. Renowned for her ability to tailor her music to any audience, she excels as an open-format DJ with specializations in Afrobeats, House and Dancehall. Her remarkable talent and skills have positioned her as one of the top female DJs in London, earning her multiple nominations for ‘Female DJ of the Year’.

DJ Frizzie
Image Courtesy: DJ Frizzie

DJ Frizzie’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations with major corporate clients through Storm DJs, such as Victoria’s Secret, Adidas, and KIKO Milano. Her diverse experience as a Pop Artist, Music Producer, VJ, and DJ for radio, clubs, and parties has established her as a well-rounded professional in the industry.

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Dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences, she thrives on playing various music genres to energize and engage her audience, ensuring a memorable night. The DJ offers personalized services, working closely with clients to craft unique playlists that align with their event’s theme and genre.

DJ Frizzie performing
Image Courtesy: Storm DJs

With her exceptional spinning skills, vibrant energy, and crowd-engaging presence, DJ Frizzie is the ideal choice for any event. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or private party, she guarantees a night filled with music, dancing, and fun!

DJ Frizzie spoke about her new track ‘Go Down Low’ and more in an interview with RJ Rohit. Check it out below.