RJ Rohit caught up with DJ Gurbax about his famous track ‘Boom Shankar’ and his musical journey.

DJ Gurbax, or Kunal Gurbaxani is a DJ/Producer who established his name in the Indian Bass music scene. He started his journey officially in Bangalore, where he played guitar in punk rock and thrash metal bands, and eventually got into the bass scene after moving to Atlanta. He appreciated the sense of family in the underground culture of pure energy, love and happiness. His transition from punk rock and thrash metal bands to Indian Bass was smooth, and established him as a musical sensation.

Image Courtesy: Times of India

DJ Gurbax is a self taught DJ and an Ableton certified producer from the Dubspot School of Music Production in New York city. He has traveled around Atlanta and New York city, where he has played multiple shows including a performance at Amsterdam Dance Event. He moved to India only recently to catalyze the bass music movement in India. He has played in almost all parts of the Indian subcontinent, and has shared the stage with Steve Aoki, Troyboi, Herobust, David Satori, Christina Novelli, Hang Massive, GANZ and GAUDI among many others.

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He curated a fully crowdfunded music video, music and art festival called the ‘Boom Shankar Festival’ in Bengaluru, which became an instant hit. The crowdfunding campaign allowed people to visit the festival with an incentive to feature in the music video. 

RJ Rohit had a chat with DJ Gurbax about his track, ‘Boom Shankar’, his musical journey and so much more!  Check it out! 

—Riya Sohini