Xperience Sessions with Flo Rida

RJ Rohit from Indigomusic.com caught up with Flo Rida who continues to soar to new heights in the pop world. The genre-defying artist has recently released his new single “Wait,” a song that utilises Johnny Goldstein’s sock hop-era production and has Flo Rida rapping about being lost in a certain someone who is special to him:

“I’m in my back, she’s likin’ my style, in sporty Louis V‘s and Jordan 23‘s, I took her back home to do some new things, she down the whole chase, I had a few drinks, I got drunk and nasty, came back in classic, comin’ a little close and might make a little sassy, she like my style, I know all that shit, I’m down and I’m lit, she down and she thick…”

Image Courtesy: NBC News

“Wait” follows Flo Rida’s “Summer’s Not Ready” with INNA and Timmy Trumpet, which was released in June. Other recent hits include Jason Derulo’s “Hello Friday,” Maluma’s “Zillionaire” and “Hola,” “Dancer,” “Sweet Sensation,” Georgi Kay’s “In My Mind, Part 3,” and E-40 and Sage the Gemini’s “Snack.” His most recent body of work, the top 20 EP My House, was released in 2015; his previous official LP, 2012’s Wild Ones, featured 13 tracks (including the Deluxe edition) and collaborations with Lil Wayne, Jennifer Lopez, Sia, Kay, and LMFAO’s Redfoo.

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Flo Rida was recently caught up in the midst of dating rumours involving his New York pal Ashanti, with whom he’d been sighted on vacation (amongst many others). During an interview with REVOLT’s “The Breakfast Club,” Ashanti clarified everything:

“I got a crew of girls and my family, Flo got his crew and his family. We’ve been going to each other’s birthday parties for like 10 years, so I don’t know why it’s such a surprise now. It’s just … he’s a good vibe and our teams are so cool. And he just likes to have fun, and family, and celebrate. I promise you it has never ever been anything remotely close to that. It’s all family.”

Listen to “Wait” below.

RJ Rohit caught up with Flo Rida. Check out the video below.