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RJ Rohit caught up with Fly Project about the new track ‘Don Reggaeton’ and his love for music!

Fly Project has released multiple songs since they entered the music scene in 2005. Not only did the then duo top international and national charts, but they also received worldwide recognition for their dance. Some of their most celebrated songs include ‘Toca Toca’ and ‘Musica’. These songs have garnered them appreciation from all around the world. Apart from that, these tracks have hundreds of millions of plays on YouTube and streams on Spotify. Fly Project, which is now a one man team, won the Platinum disc for international sales for their songs. 

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‘Don Reggaeton’ is Fly Project’s latest song that comes with some upbeat energy and beats. The track keeps a rhythmic narrative going and makes the listeners want to dance to every beat and enjoy the party even more. It captures the excitement of reggae culture and reggaeton music. ‘Don Reggaeton’ is about the pure joy of life and making every day about smiling, having fun and partying. It’s about living life to its fullest!

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RJ Rohit had a chat with Fly Project about the new track, ‘Don Reggaeton’ and so much more!  Check it out! 

– Riya Sohini