Xperience Sessions With Indie Artist Derek Mathias

RJ Rohit caught up with Derek Mathias, an Indie musician from Bangalore.

The Bengaluru pianist and producer amassed a number of instrumental songs during the lockdown, for the sole purpose of pure artistic expression. 

Derek Mathias - YouTube
Image Courtesy: You Tube

As part of his joint project ‘Derek & The Cats’, Mathias is ready to share those songs with the public after letting them accumulate digital dust for two years.

Derek & The Cats | Spotify
Image Courtesy: Spotify

His recently released debut single is the emotive instrumental jazz track titled ‘Soul,’ which oozes exquisite musicianship, solos and more. The song also includes keyboardist Anand Murali, saxophonist Gautam David, guitarist Adesh Vinod, bassist Vishal Varier and drummer Jason Sharat in addition to Mathias on piano.

‘Derek & The Cats’ recently released a follow-up track, ‘Morocco,’ along with a music video.  

RJ Rohit had a conversation with Indie musician, Derek Mathias about his musical journey and soon-to-be-released album named after the band. Check it out below.