Xperience Sessions With Indie Artist Jane Allison

RJ Rohit caught up with Indie artist Jane Allison about her new song ‘Frayed’ and more.

Jane Allison, hailing from the charming Welsh coastal haven of Aberystwyth and born as Jane-Alison Sherman, boasts a diverse and electrifying career across the vibrant realms of music, theatre, TV and cinema.

In her formative years, she honed her dancing skills at the esteemed Trinity Laban while sharing her life with Pete Harker, the drummer of the legendary underground sensation, ‘The Lines’, adored by the iconic John Peel. In the midst of London’s pulsating punk scene, she revelled alongside luminaries like ‘The Only Ones’ and lent her talents to avant-garde dance troupes like DV8 and Diversions. It was in this crucible of innovation and creativity that her lifelong passion for a multifaceted artistic journey began to take shape.

Jane Allison
Image Courtesy: janeallison.net

Fast forward to 2011, and Jane found herself transplanted to Berlin, ensconced in the lively district of Neukolln, nestled beside the tranquil banks of the Landwehrkanal. Berlin, with its enchanting allure, became the catalyst for her solo artistic endeavors. Jane fondly reflects on her Berlin chapter, declaring that she couldn’t adequately convey the sensation of liberation, both creatively and personally, that she experienced there. Berlin cast an enchanting spell on me, one I’ve never managed to break free from.

During her Berlin sojourn, Jane masterfully blended the musical echoes of the 70s English folk revival with the rich tapestry of Americana. Her compositions are a vivacious amalgamation of catchy melodies, adorned with sharp, poignant lyrics that lay bare the raw stories of all-consuming love, star-crossed romances, the haunting aftermath of abuse and shattered dreams. Her songwriting is an unapologetic embrace of the shadows, while tirelessly seeking the flickering light within.

Jane Allison
Image Courtesy: janeallison.net

All of her musical creations come to life in the enchanting confines of the Tea Rooms Studio, nestled deep in the heart of the Ardennes. Here, she collaborates with her longtime friend, producer and musical maestro, Alonza Bevan, known for his contributions to the acclaimed Kula Shaker. Together, they weave their magic and bring Jane Allison’s artistic visions to vibrant fruition.

Jane Allison recently released her single ‘Frayed’ from the critically acclaimed folk rock album ‘Like Magdalene’. Dancing on the pin head between frayed and afraid, this modern day anthem invites us to glance towards Bonnie Raitʼs ʻDimming of the Dayʼ or Stevie Nickʼs ʻSongbirdʼ, before spinning away, dancing to a new tune, more call to arms than falling into them. Describing her single as “a song dealing in the quiet rebellion against vampires and villains who come in the guise of leaders, lovers or friends. A tale of triumph over duplicity and deception, betrayal and treason – whether of the heart, on the battlefield – or everyday life behind closed doors…” Jane Allison gives us the matches to burn our bridges, let them light our way.

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Jane is an absolute powerhouse in the entertainment world, mastering the art of injecting her craft with a touch of theatrics that leaves audiences utterly captivated. Under her stage persona as actress Jane Stanness, she’s gained iconic status for her uproarious character portrayals, with her latest gem being the role of Mary, the cryptanalyst at GCHQ, in the side-splitting TV series ‘Intelligence,’ penned by the brilliant Nick Mohammed of ‘Ted Lasso’ fame. Alongside the ever-charismatic David Schwimmer, she’s redefining comedy.

Jane Allison on Vimeo
Image Courtesy: Vimeo

When it comes to creative collaborations, Jane’s résumé boasts awe-inspiring partnerships, including her groundbreaking work with the BAFTA award-winning genius Julia Davis in productions like ‘Nighty Night’ and ‘Sally4Ever’. Adding a contemporary twist, she’s recently embarked on a whimsical audio journey with Crispian Mills, where she not only weaves a tale but also inhabits a colourful array of characters in the offbeat radio play ‘Greetings’.

RJ Rohit had a chat with Indie artist Jane Allison about her new track ‘Frayed’, future projects and more. Check it out!