Xperience Sessions With Indie Artist Kunwarr

RJ Rohit caught up with Indie artist, Kunwarr about his new track ‘Addiction’ and his musical journey.

He is known for his music in the hip-hop and R&B genre and has made huge waves in the independent music scene. Kunwarr has managed to garner 11 million+ plays across various streaming platforms with his music, which is both influential and groovy. His songs like ‘All Lies’, ‘Bewafa’, ‘Befikra’, and his debut EP ‘Excuse My pain’ have been successful in making it to the UK Asian Network Charts. Kunwarr said in the interview, “Weeknd is my biggest inspiration,” and within the Indian music scene, he feels that Amit Trivedi inspires him to create music.

Image Courtesy: Eastern Eye

Kunwarr’s new track ‘Addiction’ is all about grooving to the tunes of music and that of love. ‘Addiction’ is a groovy bop song, where Kunwarr goes on to express the emotional rollercoaster that a lover goes through when falling in love with someone, and feeling that intense attraction and addiction towards a person. The song has a dark melody, which is then accompanied by an Atlanta Trap-inspired beat. Kunwarr did not compose anything the year before ‘Addiction’ was released, and this, he believes, has helped him understand what he wanted to do, and exactly what he wanted to put out for his fans.

Image Courtesy: Koimoi

Kunwarr has received immense love and support from his fans over the years for his songs like ‘Taqdeer’, ‘Befikra’, and ‘All Lies’ among many others. The new track that was released worldwide on 13th December is set to make it to charts, and to your favourite playlists. 

RJ Rohit had a chat with Indie artist Kunwarr about his new track, ‘Addiction’, his musical journey and so much more! Check it out! 

–Riya Sohini