Xperience Sessions With Indie Artist Rahul Advani

RJ Rohit caught up with Bangalore-based Indie Artist, Rahul Advani. He recently released his debut single ‘Ready To Breathe’ from his upcoming EP.

The pop-rock song is currently available on all major streaming services, accompanied by a music video on YouTube that was created over Zoom and shot during the lockdown last year. Actor Vidyuth Gargi (Amazon Prime’s ‘Die Trying,’ ‘Pushpavalli’) is featured in the video.

Rahul had a rough version of ‘Ready To Breathe’ on his computer for years, before Mumbai-based friend and singer-songwriter Tejas Menon encouraged him to compile an EP. The song, which draws influences from John Mayer and Sara Bareilles returns to Rahul’s musical roots. The track is inspired by the feeling of breaking free! He went back to his high school to record the song’s gospel-influenced arrangement with the choir members he sang with, as a child.

The song, which features friends and musicians Tejas (‘Outlast’) and Mali (‘Caution to the Wind’) on backing vocals, is about being burdened by expectations and the moments when we have the bravery to break free and rediscover our true selves.

RJ Rohit had a chat with Indie Artist, Rahul Advani about his new track, musical journey and so much more! Check it out below!