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Tasha Keswani

RJ Rohit caught up with Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter, Tasha Keswani. Her love for music began at an early age. She says, “What I do understand is that music is something that moves my soul. My profoundest realizations of life, love and myself arrive when I am in front of my piano.”

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She recently released her hauntingly beautiful new track, ‘If Rainbows Do Exist’ which is a follow-up to a couple of singles she released in 2019. It’s a fantasy getaway with the one or people you love and is inspired by nature. The song’s journey begins with soft piano, chirping birds and a whisper. As it moves forward, layered vocal harmonies and lyrical narration transmit a hopeful whisper through birds and fireflies.

This whisper is revealed in the chorus that is encompassed by dreamy vocal harmonies and introduces Spanish, making the mental transportation more magical. Keswani’s luscious vocals are supported by a kick drum, acoustic guitar strumming and chunky basslines. The song also features poignant, almost church-like keyboard sequences. There is a combination of English and Spanish in the lyrics.

Image Courtesy: Spotify

Tasha Keswani asserts that music has the power to both make you forget and find yourself at the same time.  She crafts intricate vocal harmonies, catchy melodies and lyrics that narrate stories to engross the listener, while also posing contemplative and profound lyrical language whenever possible. Her love of astrology and her musings on love and life serve as the basis for her lyrics. Creativity and purpose are what motivate the musician. She hopes to help listeners re-establish connections with nature, the world, their loved ones, and most importantly, with themselves through her music.

She is now working on the finishing touches of an EP that she plans to release next year. Keswani also owns Memorabilia, a creative communication business where she composes music for brands.

RJ Rohit had a chat with Indie Artist, Tasha Keswani about her new track, ‘If Rainbows Do Exist’, musical journey and so much more! Check it out below! 


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