Zahra Deljoui

RJ Rohit caught up with British-Iranian up-and-coming alt-pop vocalist, Zahra Deljoui.

By releasing her first single, ‘Pink Moon’ late in 2022, Zahra Deljoui began her career as a solo artist. She formerly played in synth pop/bedroom pop bands, but with her solo endeavour, she’s shifted to a more alt-pop/glitch-pop sound.

Image Courtesy: DIVA magazine

She recently released her much-anticipated track, ‘Love is Love’ which emphasizes the significance of inclusion and acceptance as well as the ongoing problem of homophobia.

The track is basically a heartfelt conversation between Zahra and a man who subjected her and her girlfriend to homophobic abuse at a wedding. The song was first composed by Zahra Deljoui and George Hervé on piano.

‘Love Is Love’ was then brought to life by Ashley Jana, another member of the community, with exquisitely composed music that perfectly encapsulates the emotion and sentiment of the lyrics. It conveys a crucial message: ‘love is love’ and should be cherished.

Image Courtesy: Apple Music

Zahra’s personal experiences and distinctive viewpoint incorporated in her music helps her connect with listeners all across the world. Her willingness to tackle tough issues head-on has made her a much-loved artist in her own community and Euro diverse communities.

RJ Rohit had a chat with Indie artist, Zahra Deljoui about her new track ‘Love is Love’, musical journey and more. Check it out!