Xperience Sessions With Indie Artists Anubha And Karm

RJ Rohit caught up with Indie artists, Anubha Bajaj and Karm Solah. Anubha, a 19-year-old Delhi vocalist, has captivated us with her soothing voice. Despite the fact that she is only two singles old, Parinde and Tu Na Ja have amassed a large number of streams.

Her most recent performance, as an opening act for Vir Das, received a lot of positive feedback. Anuba is diligent with a lot of skill and is on her path to becoming a musical sensation.

Anubha Bajaj - YouTube
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Karm, a singer/songwriter from Noida, India, discovered his love and enthusiasm for music at a young age. The summer of 2019 pushed him closer to realising his dream of recording his own music.

His original songs as well as his versions of Bollywood songs gained popularity in a short period of time. Through his songs, he hopes to spread happiness and positivity. Karm’s sources of inspiration are not well-known artists, but rather the people and places that surround him.

Karm Solah (@KarmSolah) / Twitter
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Anubha And Karm recently collaborated on a song called ‘Mann Mera’ that depicts the struggle of two lovers who wish to be together but are unable to do so. The song’s acoustic and raw vibe enables the listener to become lost in the pitfalls that romantic relationships can cause. The video beautifully translates two separate worlds and lives being led by the vocalists, by using a split-screen. They’re so different, yet so similar!

Mann Mera | Anubha Bajaj X Karm Solah | New Hindi Song | Big Indie Bang -  YouTube
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RJ Rohit had a chat with Indie artists, Anubha and Karm about their musical journey and so much more. Check it out below!