Veer And Shivin

RJ Rohit caught up with Indie artists, Veer and Shivin. Veer Mulraj is a music composer, producer and mix engineer. He runs his own home studio called VM Studios where he does everything from recording voice over artists to creating original music, jingles, cover songs and background score as well.

Image Courtesy: YouTube

Veer also records audio books of artists. He started learning music production in Bangalore in 2008 when he gained interest in creating karaoke tracks. In 2012, he did an internship at Big FM where he learnt VO editing and clean-up for radio. In 2013, he joined True School of Music for music production course till 2015 and got his home studio setup in 2017. Till then he was making music from his bedroom while learning.

Shivin Shirodkar is a guitarist who is currently in the 10th grade.

RJ Rohit had a chat with Veer and Shivin about their collaborative track ‘Shadow of my Life’, production, future projects and so much more. Check it out!