Xperience Sessions With Music Producer And DJ BeatCrush

RJ Rohit caught up with music producer and DJ, BeatCrush.

In the past year, BeatCrush has undergone a stunning artistic evolution that’s turning heads. From dropping a chart-topping Lo-Fi Flip of King’s ‘Maan Meri Jaan’ to crafting an epic Tech House track, BeatCrush is proving to be a versatile producer extraordinaire. Brace yourselves, fans, because there’s a thrilling lineup of diverse tunes about to drop from BeatCrush’s creative arsenal.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone India

Recently, BeatCrush unleashed the sonic delight called ‘Ice Cream’ – a vibrant and ultra-groovy banger that’s poised to become your ultimate summer jam. Drawing inspiration from legends like Fisher, James Hype, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta and Martin Garrix, BeatCrush has ingeniously melded global flavors with personal musical roots to forge an unmistakably unique sonic signature. This Tech House masterpiece is a dancefloor magnet right from the opening beat.

The idea for ‘Ice Cream’ struck BeatCrush like lightning when stumbling upon a cheeky vocal snippet. The goal? Crafting the quintessential summer anthem, a track that treats your ears while unleashing your inner dance wizard. Packed with unexpected twists and an insanely catchy hook, ‘Ice Cream’ grabs you and doesn’t let go until the very last note.

Recalling his musical journey, BeatCrush’s heartwarming memory takes us back to 2013 when he attended Avicii’s electrifying concert in India. That fateful night ignited his musical passion and set him on the path to becoming a DJ extraordinaire. When he hits the stage, BeatCrush is all about conjuring moments of pure joy, where worries fade away, and everyone’s just lost in the groove. Among his latest creations, ‘Ice Cream’ holds a special place in BeatCrush’s heart – it’s his personal standout. With its vibrant sonic palette and universal appeal, this track shines like a rare gem that resonates with listeners of all stripes.

Image Courtesy: Hammarica

In the Indian music realm, BeatCrush has carved out a niche with his signature style, seamlessly blending tracks in a way that’s both unexpected and irresistibly groovy. For seven epic years, he’s been championing his sound across the nation and has had the honour of sharing the stage with heavyweights like AP Dhillon, Badshah, Nucleya, and R3hab, just to name-drop a few. Fast forward to today, BeatCrush is a bonafide stage sensation, igniting dancefloors all across the map. His musical magic has transcended borders, captivating audiences not only in India but also in the UK and the Middle East.

Looking ahead, BeatCrush’s mission is to rocket Indian music onto the global electronic music scene. With sheer talent and unwavering determination, he’s dead-set on creating a seismic impact and introducing the world to the dazzling array of sounds that define Indian electronic music.

RJ Rohit had a chat with music producer and DJ, BeatCrush about his new track, ‘Ice Cream’, dream collaborator and more. Check it out.