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Xperience Sessions With Noah Avantkar

RJ Rohit from caught up with Noah Avantkar, a 17-year-old singer, songwriter and music producer who was born and brought up in Bangalore.

He began to seek out musicians such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Sasha Solan, and others, and began singing and recording his voice as memos, which he still has and listens to when he is feeling vulnerable to remind himself of how he never gave up when no one was rooting for him.

Noah bought his first guitar in January of 2018 and started to learn more about music. He started penning down his own songs in 2020 when the pandemic struck and lockdown happened. During that time when he was away from everyone was when he realized that music was what made him feel alive when he felt a void and that without music, he wouldn’t have been here today.

Noah recently released his newest single ‘Your Best’ which holds a deep meaning. He intended to release this just before the new year, to spread a message. Now, in 2022 Noah has set out to learn more about music production, and is working on his next album which he is going to record and produce himself in his bedroom.

This is just the start of Noah’s journey. There is more to come as he is on the road to becoming the next big artist.

RJ Rohit caught up with independent artist Noah Avantkar. Check out the video below.

—Apeksha Priya

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