Xperience Sessions With Rapper Rob C

RJ Niladri caught up with Kamesh Chawla, better known by his stage name Rob C, who is a musician, rapper and music producer from Panchkula, Haryana. The name Rob C, is a mix of his nickname Robin and the first letter of his surname. He had a passion for hip hop music since he was a child and draws inspiration from 50 Cent, Nas, Tupac, Bohemia and Eminem.

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The rapper is a member of the Kala Kurta Gang (KKG).  His family admired and supported his music endeavours.

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He was introduced to the rap circuits of Mumbai and Delhi after placing second in a rap battle during his college days. In his albums Death Punch, Mumbai’s Finest, FBI and G-Grip, he teamed up with Broda V. He began his career as an English rapper, which he continued for five years. He later changed to Punjabi rap music. “That long-gone English rapper will always be alive in me, no matter what.” Rob C posted this on Twitter as a farewell to English rap.

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He had a lot of fun being an underground rapper. He discussed his thoughts on underground and commercial music in one of the interviews. He said that underground music co-exists with mainstream music. We want to listen to commercial music, but we should listen to underground music. It provides a creative artist the freedom to experiment with words, rhyme with them, and tell their life struggles through rap.

RJ Niladri struck up a conversation with rapper Rob C about his foray into the world of music and his new songs.  Check it out below.