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Xperience Sessions With Singer Yohani

RJ Rohit had a chat with singer Yohani about her latest track ’Diamonds’ featuring Edward Maya and more.

Yohani Diloka de Silva is a Sri Lankan singer with many talents. She’s not just a vocalist, but also a songwriter, rapper and record producer. Yohani’s career launched on YouTube, where she gained recognition for her rap cover of ‘Deviyange Bare’.  This early success earned her the nickname “Rap Princess” of Sri Lanka. Her biggest hit came with her cover of ‘Manike Mage Hithe,’ which became a global phenomenon. Yohani’s popularity extends to YouTube as well, where she’s the first Sri Lankan female singer to reach over 3.6 million subscribers.

Image Courtesy: Entertales

Music filled Yohani’s childhood. Her mom noticed her talent and encouraged her to chase her musical dreams. At home, the sounds of the Bee Gees, Spice Girls, AR Rahman, and Elton John provided a constant soundtrack, likely shaping her own musical tastes.

Image Courtesy: YouTube

Yohani’s music transcended borders. She scored a major win by lending her vocals to the official song of the 2021 T20 Cricket World Cup in Sri Lanka. But that wasn’t all. She shattered another glass ceiling by becoming the first Sri Lankan singer signed to the globally recognized Red Bull Records. Her debut international single, ‘Moving On’ marked a new chapter in her ever-evolving career.

She recently collaborated with Edward Maya on the brand-new song ‘Diamonds’. It’s an amalgamation of mesmerizing vocals and flawless production. The track mashes up the vibrant musical traditions of Romania and Sri Lanka, resulting in a unique soundscape. 

‘Diamonds’ is a dance-pop anthem that tells the story of a passionate but fleeting love affair. The lyrics, much like a diamond’s brilliance and eventual cooling, capture the intensity and then the fading embers of infatuation. 

Image Courtesy: YouTube

The metaphor is woven throughout the song, from the emotional depth of the words to the musical composition itself. This creates a powerful image of a love that burns bright but ultimately fades, just like the precious stone it references.

Singer Yohani dropping details of her new track ’Diamonds’ featuring Edward Maya and more at Xperience Sessions with RJ Rohit. Check out the interview below.


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