Xperience Sessions With The Chronic Blues Circus & Ministry of Blues

RJ Rohit caught up with Aarushi and Rauf, the lead band members from The Chronic Blues Circus and The Ministry of Blues respectively. They will be performing at The Koramangala club’s Prabhath Kaladwaraka Auditorium on 28th August, in celebration of International Blues Day. 

Bangalore’s oldest Blues band, The Chronic Blues Circus, consists of Aarushi (guitar, keyboard, harps and vocals), Rzhude (drums, vocals), Mario (bass, vocals) and Peter Isaac (vocals, guitar, harps and saxophone). 

Since 1991, The Chronic Blues Circus has been performing non-stop. They are best recognised for their original music, which features distinctive arrangements and a natural, clear sound. As opposed to Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, etc., they are dedicated to what they call Bangalore Blues, which is essentially music that captures the vibe of Bangalore. Aarushi currently oversees the band’s operations and collaborates closely with Peter to create the band’s signature sound.

The Climax Blues Band, Canned Heat, Cream, Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, JJ Cale, The Band, The Who, Big Brother and The Holding Company, and a few black greats like Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Howling’ Wolf and Robert Johnson are just a few of the Blues masters who have influenced the band. The Chronic Blues Circus usually performs its own compositions. Some of their early works include Woman, Sweet Nicotine, Prime Time News 95 and Restless Woman.

Blues-rock band, Ministry of Blues (MoB) plays music that dates back to the 1900s, blended with a distinct 21st-century twist. Their purpose is to weave a musical experience that combines music with strong emotional underpinnings with the characteristics of modern rock. They want to play this music in a way that appeals to fans of contemporary Rock music as well as discerning Blues fans. Ministry of Blues also wants to reintroduce the listener to the intense, high-intensity exhilaration of live music. The band consists of David Boon (Drums), Philipe Haydon (Guitar & Vocals), Rauf (Keyboard & Vocals) and Ashley Joseph (Bass). 

Bengaluru-based blues-rockers Ministry of Blues performs in Kochi
Image Courtesy: Indulge-The New Indian Express

At the age of 10, Rauf began learning the CASIO, singing Billy Joel songs. However, it is evident that Rauf is a master of the keyboard and has toured with his first band, Aatma, performing covers of Deep Purple, The Doors and Led Zeppelin. Later, he became a member of ‘Rock Water Revival’ and focused more on Classic Rock, performing covers of artists like Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, Steely Dan and Golden Earring. His playing style was defined. He arrived in Bangalore in 2005, where he met Deepak and Philipe. They jammed together and decided to start the band, Ministry of Blues.

Aarushi and Rauf spoke about Blues music and much more with RJ Rohit. Check it out below!