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RJ Rohit caught up with Bengaluru-based musician, Vachan Chinnappa. He is a talented artist who started off playing in the rock band Zed Axis and subsequently became interested in House music and Electro House.

DJing was a deliberate choice as a result of the financial difficulties that most rock bands in the nation experience. Chinnappa played wherever there were turntables and enthusiastic audiences for many years.

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On his journey, Chinnappa visited NH7, Sunburn and an hour later, he performed at Supersonic’15. Vachan’s music career eventually developed into a full-time profession because playing a collection of tapes at small venues in a small town did not sound like a very good career strategy.

He chose to be in the hard rock band Zed Axis over pursuing a traditional career, shocking his family and friends in the process. Vachan is a small-town guy from South India. He enjoyed singing covers of 1980s heavy metal bands for five years while performing at small gigs.

Vachan hung up his leather jackets and bands, but not his passion for music, which kept him searching for new avenues to experiment with sound and led him to DJing. Vachan spun numerous records at some of the top clubs in the nation throughout the course of the next 13 years, gladly supplying the aural visions for numerous festivities.

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He swiftly transitioned from EDM to funky house music. Before anybody else, he switched from house music to electro house when it became a little stale. He then switched to techno music and, more recently, started playing more Drum n Bass and dubstep as it became more and more popular.

Vachan Chinnappa recently played with his band Zed-Axis at Fandom.

RJ Rohit had a chat with Vachan Chinnappa about his musical journey and so much more! Check it out below!