Xperience Sessions With Indie Artist Vandita Narayan

RJ Rohit had a conversation with Vandita Narayan, a Bangalore based Indie artist who has performed in several venues in Bangalore. She has collaborated with celebrities such as Saad Khan and Adarsh Eshwarappa, and is inspired by pop and rock. ‘Lonely Blues’ is her first single as an independent artist, following her performance in the Kannada movie song “Sharapanjara” and the “Period Song.”

Pop artist Vandita Narayan released a future bass tune named ‘Walking Piece of Art’ last September, following the release of her spectacular single “Drunk on Passion” earlier last year.

Image Courtesy: YouTube

According to Vandita, ‘Walking Piece of Art’ which she composed during the second lockdown reflects the abstract manner of communicating the emotions of passion, intimacy, and vulnerability. She says, “In this song, I portray myself as a canvas while constructing a complex character who shines upon me and throws their colors and glitters on me, creating a beautiful mess, and a work of art.” The vocalist collaborated with producer BA55ICK, who added an alt-pop and future bass element to the song.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Vandita collaborated with art director Akshay R. to conceptualise the music video for the single, which was shot and edited by Shoiab Ahmed. In the video clip, the singer is being splattered with paint, glitter, and smoke bombs, transforming into a canvas for breathtaking visuals during her performance.

She says, “The idea of glitters and smoke bombs portray various versions of art, as life imitates art.” The singer adds, “It was challenging to get the splashes on beat. While piecing the parts of the video, the work empowered me to be the best version of myself possible. I got to understand the beauty of being vulnerable. The after-shoot clean-up was equally fun!”

Image Courtesy: Slaps

In the future, Vandita hopes to continue creating her world of “art full of colors and emotion” while also connecting with people through her music.

Indie pop singer, Vandita Narayan had a great chat with RJ Rohit about her inspirations, and new single ‘Forbidden Kiss’. Check it out below!