Xperience Sessions With Zoe & Urgen

RJ Rohit caught up with the super talented and fun Indie Duo Zoe & Urgen. Zoe Siddharth and Urgen Yolmo are Indian singer-songwriters who met on Colors Infinity’s ‘The Stage 3’ Reality TV English Singing Talent hunt and instantly clicked.

This wonderful musician couple share a passion for content creation and collaborating on music which led them to combine their creative talents into one channel. Zoe and Urgen also team up for live performances.

Their major goal is to transmit love and positivity through their videos in the form of positive messages, in order to create a cheerful environment for their viewers in the midst of all the negativity in the world. Their musical span includes Pop, R&B to Indie, Soul, Blues and Rock. They’ve started writing original songs together and also arrange, film and edit their own videos.

Zoe is a singer-songwriter, actor and model from Chennai who now lives in Bombay. She feels that music brings people together and wants to use it to spread positivity and confidence. She earned a BA(Hons) degree in Music from the School of Contemporary Music at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, with a major in Popular Music Performance.

Urgen is a singer-songwriter who hails from Siliguri, West Bengal but now resides in Bangalore. He feels that subjectivity in art is beautiful, and as a result, his music emphasizes emotional expression with a strong focus on lyrics. He earned his bachelor’s degree in English honours from Christ University in Bangalore, where he developed an interest in music, art and literature.

Zoe & Urgen play a live set at a variety of events and places. They perform as an acoustic duo as well as with a full band for high-octane shows. In 2018, they played as part of ‘The Stage 3 Collective’ at Vh1 Supersonic. They performed at Hard Rock Cafe in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.  

In 2019, they performed at a wine and food festival in Pune alongwith two other singers, as well as at the Miss Diva finals in Delhi. The duo also performed in Siliguri, West Bengal’s ‘The Tribe by High Spirits.’

With a dash of fun and amusement, two goofy pals take you on a musical adventure on their channel, Zoe & Urgen which was launched on 29th February, 2020. Music, challenges, vlogs and collaborations are all featured on the channel. After knowing each other for three years and forming a solid friendship based on their many shared interests, they decided to team up to accomplish what they love. They started this channel to provide a safe haven for their fans, filled with optimism and love.

Their debut original release, ‘With Me’ written by Urgen Yolmo and co-written by Zoe Siddharth reflects the inner turmoil a couple faces when coping with separation. Most of their songs are a reflection of powerful human bonds with a lyrical story.

In order to broaden their content, Zoe and Urgen like collaborating with other Indian artists. They’ve worked with many musicians from all around India. One of their most notable collaborations was a quarantine cover, in which they reunited 19 of ‘The Stage 3’ artists (including the show’s vocal coach) to craft a home-made/self-made video with a powerful message to convey optimism and love during the pandemic. Over the course of two months, Zoe and Urgen created and completed this video entirely on their own.

RJ Rohit had a fun conversation with the goofy and dynamic Duo, Zoe & Urgen about their music and bond. Check it out below!