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All You Need to Know; Conan Gray

The up and coming Conan Gray recently created quite a splash with his moody love songs. And now, adding to that mix is the brand new music video for his track, ‘Heather’.

The song witnesses a gentle guitar riff, wound closely around Conan’s lulling, soulful vocals. This tune finds its space on the singer-songwriter’s debut album, “Kid Krow” which made its landing just this year. The music video for this track is as aesthetic as they get. Featuring a sun-drenched Conan lazing around in bed, shots of the deep blue sky and pretty household objects – the visuals are simple, yet charming.

Speaking of the story behind the track itself, Conan had this to say: “When I was in high school, I had a crush on the same one person all four years. But that one person did not love me back, instead my crush liked a girl named Heather. Heather was gentle and beautiful, inside and out. She was warm like a summer day, and had so many friends. She was soft and so easily lovable— everything I am not. The ‘Heather’ video is my way of becoming all of the things that I envy about Heather.”

Well, as you let that heavy meal digest, we figured this might be the perfect time to properly introduce you to Conan Gray. So, here’s an intimate look at the young star…

Photo Credits: Conan Gray Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun

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