Artist of the Week: The Man, The Legend, Michael Jackson

This week, we’re clearing the path for a legendary musician. He’s an extraordinary artist and one of the most popular cultural figures of our time. Yes, we’re talking about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

His sound and style have influenced a wide spectrum of genres, dance routines, fashion and so much more. Michael Jackson has gone on to mould the genre of modern pop music into something phenomenal. As the journalist, J. Edward Keyes, once so articulately put, “Trying to trace Michael Jackson’s influence on the pop stars that followed him is like trying to trace the influence of oxygen and gravity. So vast, far-reaching and was his impact— that there weren’t a whole lot of artists who weren’t trying to mimic some of the Jackson formula.” 

Now, the best way to remember Michael Jackson’s glorious legacy would be by looking back on some of his most brilliant tunes. Perhaps one of the defining factors of his music is that he often strings together such beautiful words. His songwriting is known to be political, gritty, and to hold a strong belief that our world has the potential to change, to become a better place. And we share this belief, as well. So, here’s a look at some of Michael Jackson’s brightest lyrical moments. They arrive both, as fine pieces of writing and as teachings.

Photo Credits: Michael Jackson Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun