Beyonce: A Celebration of Her Brightest Movements


Beyonce is doing it again! The singer’s foundation. BeyGOOD is ready to give away $5,000 grants to people who face evictions. Isn’t she just too good to be true?

While the star is known for her impressive catalogue of work in the industry, she’s far more than just a musician. And it’s something she’s proven time and again over the years.

Beyonce has never shied away from expressing her views on weighty topics, be it racism, misogyny, environmental issues – you name it and she’s taken a stand concerning the issue. And on countless occasions, she’s been praised for kickstarting some of the most powerful movements out there.

So, while her music will always strike a chord with generations to come, we’ve decided to dig a little deeper into the artist. And so, we’re looking back on all the times she’s been an advocate for social justice. 

Photo Credits: Beyonce Official Instagram/ Getty Images

Beyonce Gives It Back To The Community!

By: Aatira Kakroo