K-Pop Kulture: Stray Kids and Their Rise to The Top

Stray Kids and their rise to the top

If you’re on Twitter, chances are you’ve seen the #StrayKids trending more and more. Well, it’s for good reason too. South Korean boy group, Stray Kids are climbing the ladder to global success, and how too.

The current 8-member group comprises of some all Korean members and some Australian Korean members. Being a multicultural pool of talent has allowed their music to reach new heights. Thus, allowing them to move away from the old-school, manufactured ideal of what a K-Pop group must be. Led by Bang Chan, debuting in 2017, Stray Kids may be considered new to the scene but their repertoire of consistently strong performance guarantees that they are here to stay.

And, in this week’s episode of K-Pop Kulture, we’re diving into the group’s unique musical messages and what makes them an act to watch out for. Take a look!

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